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Get the psytrance out of the fridge. — LiveJournal

Jun. 6th, 2010

09:49 pm - 1. The past few weeks (and the coming few)

So, finished school finaaally last friday. Finished pretty early and went round my friend's house for a bit. Chilled. It was rather nice actually I wanted to go to tod in evening tho but I couldn't :( I have no freedom at the moment, have to prepare myself for exams
On the saturday after I went to visit Hayley which was nice. The weather was awful so I got a taxi because fuck walking round bradford in the rain. And I wasn't totally sure of the way. We didn't take the dogs out either because it was right nasty, we just stayed in all day like hermits :) which is excellent
Tuesday I went to Stu's again I think? Oh yeah and we watched two movies which made totally no sense. Nobody understood them it wasn't just me
And then on wednesday I went to bradford and got my hair dyed. Ginner ginner ginner. And chilled in bratfud with Aimee after getting totally lost and wandering round the college campus for a bit. I'm still getting to grips with it, I'm getting better tho honestly. I passed out in the afternoon, that's always fun. Woke up to Aimee and her mom staring at me in the car like "eh what the fuck just happened?" hahaha
And on thursday went to leeds and watched Juno and Kung Fu Panda and I Love You Man while Char did my dreads. Took so long and my bum afterwards like owww fucking owwch. It was totally worth it tho :) they're still a bit mad at the moment but I love them so much
I can't wait to have my freedom back after exams man it's insane how much I want to go out and have fun :( oh well. First exam a week tomorrow, then in 2 weeks after that they're done. And beatherderrrrr. Come on Chloe, man up.

Current Mood: happyhappy
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